Believe it! Your clear view is on the way!

Dr. Gwendolyn Hayes is a seasoned educator


a social wellness professional

with proven creativity and innovation…

Dr. Gwendolyn Hayes is dedicated to her mission and will provide effective learning, service leadership activities and support to spark employee/community member success. Your personal, spiritual and professional lifestyle makes you!

  What’s your next view of you?

   LISTEN.     INSPIRE.      CELEBRATE!pexels-photo-623080.jpeg

Does your organization, group or team need a CLEAR VIEW for your future goals?

Connect with Dr. Hayes and begin the conversation about your vision.

I am here to LISTEN, INSPIRE and CELEBRATE with you!

Check out my topic areas of expertise and give me a call!  I will be honored to be your dream come true cheerleader.

                               Your CLEAR VIEW is on the way!

Dr. Gwendolyn Hayes wants to celebrate with you and your team!


  • Spiritual renewal
  • Intergenerational ministry
  • Servant leadership
  • church leadership
  • Parent training for professionals
  • Private parent training
  • Conflict management
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Stress management
  • Professional development
  • Cultural diversity and workplace sensitivity training
  • Relationship management
  • Succession Planning

Kind words for Gwendolyn

**”After Gwendolyn’s presentation, I am going to try to do something good for myself every day!cropped-banana-girl

**”I learned a lot today.  I need to make sure I’m aware of how I react to what’s around me”.

**”After hearing Gwendolyn, I desire to be more sensitive to others.”

**” Gwendolyn was so motivational and delivers material in a positive way. Would like to hear her again!”

**”Gwendolyn’s enthusiasm, energy and positivity was great!”

**”I loved hearing her stories and how she related them to mission.”

**”Gwendolyn’s energy is contagious!”

**”She weaved our mission statement into the presentations so well!”

**”The best storytime I’ve had as an adult!” 

**You are such an inspiration. Your life experiences were so on time for us.”

**Loved hearing about the businesses she started herself.”

**”I really like the techniques she taught to empower children.”

Kind words for Gwendolyn