Believe it! Your clear view is on the way!

Gwendolyn Hayes is a seasoned educator and social wellness professional

with proven creativity and innovation…

Gwendolyn Hayes is dedicated to her mission and will provide effective learning, service leadership activities and support to spark employee/community member success. Your personal, spiritual and professional lifestyle makes you!

  What’s your next view of you?

LISTEN.    INSPIRE.      CELEBRATE!pexels-photo-623080.jpeg

Does your organization, group or team need a CLEAR VIEW for your future goals?

Connect with Gwendolyn and begin the conversation about your vision.

I am here to LISTEN, INSPIRE and CELEBRATE with you!

Check out my topic areas of expertise and give me a call!  I will be honored to be your dream come true cheerleader.

Your CLEAR VIEW is on the way!



  • Spiritual renewal
  • Servant leadership
  • church leadership
  • Parent training for professionals
  • Private parent training
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Stress management
  • Professional development
  • Cultural diversity and workplace sensitivity training
  • Relationship management

Kind words for Gwendolyn

**”After Gwendolyn’s presentation, I am going to try to do something good for myself every day!cropped-banana-girl

**”I learned a lot today.  I need to make sure I’m aware of how I react to what’s around me”.

**”After hearing Gwendolyn, I desire to be more sensitive to others.”

**” Gwendolyn was so motivational and delivers material in a positive way. Would like to hear her again!”

**”Gwendolyn’s enthusiasm, energy and positivity was great!”

**”I loved hearing her stories and how she related them to mission.”

**”Gwendolyn’s energy is contagious!”

**”She weaved our mission statement into the presentations so well!”

**”The best storytime I’ve had as an adult!” 

**You are such an inspiration. Your life experiences were so on time for us.”

**Loved hearing about the businesses she started herself.”

**”I really like the techniques she taught to empower children.”

Kind words for Gwendolyn