Parent Rock Workshops & Private Consultations

Gwendolyn Hayes, BS, M.Ed., Ed.S – is an education specialist with the concentration in parent training. She has over 28 years of working with youth at risk in Northeastern Ohio. She has developed over 150 life-skill programs for adolescents. Gwendolyn’s current research included intergenerational relationships.

Need a parenting conversation for parents and/or those who train them?

*The inspiration and praise for children

Gwendolyn takes away the doubts that praise is hazardous to parenting.

*Don’t wash your hands, wash your face!

An encouraging message from Gwendolyn when you are on your last leg of patience.

*Storytime for adults

A teachable moment from Lady Gwendolyn

*ParentingĀ tips from the Parent Rock

Gwendolyn unloads some generational gems too sprinkle on today’s parents and caregivers.

***To book a parenting consultation at the Parent Rock with Gwendolyn: 330.794.3163

Waiver: Gwendolyn Hayes is committed to the well-being of families. She is happy to mentor you as a parent. Mentoring and coaching does not take the place of clinical therapy or clinical counseling. Gwendolyn Hayes advises that if you or your loved one are in need of clinical therapy or clinical counseling that can be very beneficial in a long term relationship with that professional, please seek out local resources or contact the following:

NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness and click on https://nami.orgFind Your Local Support

Ways to reduce your stress . Click on

Mental Healthline 1-855-501-2950