Spiritual Renewal


You Sun is Coming! A So Deserving Women’s Conference to Nourish Your Spirit! Sept. 27 – 28, 2019. Twinsburg, Ohio. Get ready! Be there!

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Spiritual Workshops

FIRST AND FOR BACK COVER OF BREATHINGNeed a Church conversation on Church leadership, Church stress, Congregation Wellness, Spiritual Renewal, Musical Inspiration ? Storytime for Adults?



Identity Theft: Do You Know Who You Belong To?

There are times when we lose our direction and the compass seems broken. The good news is that God is here for you. He will claim you at the “lost package” counter time after time. Gwendolyn will share bible promises that will map out your journey and wash away your doubt.

The Forgiveness Factor- How’s that working for you?

Do you need to forgive someone? Have you been waiting 15 years for someone to say “I’m sorry” to you? What does “I’m sorry” really mean? Join Gwendolyn in reviewing God’s instruction and “factor” in on the eternal benefits of forgiveness.

Snapshots of God’s Love

People are always saying, “Thanks for the memories”. So, why can’t we keep a photo book of God’s precious love and kindness in our lives? Learn how your new photo book will sustain you during your toughest trials.

When Parents P.R.A.I.S.E.

Amazing and awesome results happen when parents, grandparents and guardians take time pray for – Oops! I meant “praise” their children. Gwendolyn will walk you through spiritually inspired, loving tips that will bless your children for all time.

You’re All That, because He Loves You So Much!

Please know that you are special to God. It’s time you felt special about yourself, too. Experience and identify the ways God loves you in His own special way. If you have never been in the spotlight, here is your chance.


Join Gwendolyn in creating your own seed packet of Forget-Him-Not verses for remembering God forever. Because He promised not to forget us, He always shows us how to keep the faith in Him.

That Wonderful Song in Your Heart

Before you leave this event, you can have your own song. Your own reason for loving our Creator. The Holy Word confirms that there is nothing like the right song inside you to hold you and keep your spirit warm and hopeful.

A Clear View of God

We desire to have to have a wonderful relationship with God. He has so much of a desire for us. We need to hear from Him. We need to see our purpose through Him. Move the view blockers to the side, so you can know the fullness of God.

Serving with an “Attitude”

Our attitudes truly control the way we work, play love and live. Your attitude is contagious. Would your neighbor want to catch yours? Let’s hear what God is thinking about your attitude and what He desires from you in your service to Him.

You are Well

Have you ever wanted a balanced, holistic lifestyle? You can’t change your life until you change the “voice” you are listening to. Gwendolyn will share God’s guide for a healthy Christian lifestyle that comes with a surprise daily gift!

The Art of Breathing

A breath of fresh air. Fresh breath… Is there a difference? Become more inspired by the fresh air of God’s promises and the joy of praising Him. Learn what happens when you breathe his promises on others!

Don’t forget your Charger!

A reminder to keep connected to the power of our God.  Are you charged up?


***Your Event Theme is Priority!!!

   If you have a special theme for your event, Gwendolyn will be honored to adjust her topics for your needs. A brand new bible study is always so exciting!   Just email your theme, idea, date of event and estimated number attending. An hour, a few hours, a day, a weekend?