Workplace Renewal


Banana girlNeed a Workplace Conversation on team values, the mission, workplace sensitivity, engagement, stress, worker safety, a storytime for adults?

A Tossed Salad: Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace.  Cultural Sensitivity creates a beautiful garden of success stories to your organization. Let Gwendolyn help you plant the seeds properly.

The HELLO Effect. Gwendolyn will invite you to indulge in the benefits of staff engagement where everyone wins!

The Value of A Complaint. The perks of ‘getting to know you, getting to know all about you’! in your workspace. Learn the benefits of hearing ‘not so good’ news.

Ready, Get set, Lift-off!  Invite your managers to a fresh step by step staff orientation event! Improvement of your retention efforts start HERE!

Make Each Day BEST TEAM Day! Let’s first revisit your mission so GAME DAY is on point! Get your inspector magnifying glasses out!

Forgiveness in the Workplace. How to truly get over ourselves and others and enjoy limitless freedom and appreciation of self and others without looking back.